Wild Bird Cherry Flour, 150g


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150 g
Country of Origin:
Russia, Siberia

Bird cherry flour is a unique Siberian traditional product. It is made from dried wild bird cherry fruits. Fruits are collected in the catchment area of Lake Baikal, along the banks of the rivers flowing into the lake. The pips are then separated from the pulp by industrial method (end products do not contain pips), dried and grinded to become flour.Bird cherry flour is of brown colour, rich in vitamins and phytoncides, and contains three times fewer calories than wheat flour. Bird cherry flour does not contain gluten

Usage: Bird cherry flour is used in bread making and baking. It gives a distinctive colour, chocolate taste, almond aroma and rum flavour to cakes, pastries, muffins, shortbread and biscuits.

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Ingredients: wild bird cherry berries

bird cherry flour