Organic Siberian Pine Nut Flour, raw quality, 150g


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150 g.
Country of Origin:
Russia, Siberia.


Milk colour pine nut flour is produced by milling kernels of Siberian pine nuts after the pine nut oil has been extracted. The pine kernel flour is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins contained in Siberian pine nuts. Siberian pine nuts are well known for their health benefits.

Pine nut flour has a unique protein contents not typical for the natural substances. It contains antioxidants and acids that decrease levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in our blood and help in heart disease prevention. Indispensable for diet of the pregnant women and nursing mothers, vegetarians and sportsmen. Useful at increased physical activity, lack of vitamins, illness of respiratory, cardiovascular or digestive systems.

Application: Cookery for preparation the protein cocktails and vegetarian milk as a substitute for any nut meal in producing the marchpane. The pine kernel flour is used for baking cakes and bread. Pine kernel flour can be mixed with wheat (all-purpose) flour. See a recipes for pine kernel flour pancakes with apples and pine nuts milk.

Ingredients: pine nuts pressed cake.

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