Organic & Raw Siberian Pine Nuts, 200g


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Description of the product:
Our organic pine nuts are raw and of premium quality. They are extremely beneficial for human health thanks to its high nutrition, vitamin and mineral value. The pine nuts contain 19g easydigestable proteins per 100g. These proteins are distinquished by high content of amino acids, especially of arginin. Arginin is very importantt for the  growing organism development, that´s why it should be a part of the diet of children, pregnant women, sportsmen etc.

The package of our pine nuts has two layers: the first one is vakuum bag (fresh pine nuts are packing into vacuum bags directly after collecting) and the second layer is a paper box, that protects nuts from the light and outer damage. This mode of packaging lets us get the freshest and healthiest pine nuts! Pine nuts can be used as a healthy snack or as an ingredient for baking and cooking, including desserts, smoothies, salads, hot dishes etc.

Our pine nuts are:

  • Organic and raw.
  • Wild harvested.
  • Selected (all nut kernels are approx. of the same size – 8mm, about 1020 units per 100g).
  • Of very good taste.
  • Rich in protein (19g per 100g).
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, have a high contant of polyunsaturated fatty acids (a great source of Omega 3!).
  • Have „advanced“ packaging, that protects them from light, oxidation and outer damages.



Country of Origin:
Russia, Siberia