Organic virgin coconut oil, 500ml


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Organic virgin coconut oil, 500ml.


500 ml

Country of origin:

Sri Lanka

Description of the product:

Our virgin coconut oil is organic and cold pressed, meaning it is neither cured nor bleached. The coconut oil comes from Sri Lanka and is the perfect oil for high-heat cooking methods like frying, without the risk of forming trans fats. It has a delightful taste of coconut. Equally suited as a body lotion and for a ”quick fix” hair mask.

Try to add it in marinades! Along with a dash of tamari and a little chili you add a nice asian touch to the marinade. It also tastes great as a topping for buckwheat pancakes and in smoothies.

Coconut Love!


Coconut oil*, cold-pressed, non-hardened or bleached.


Keep in a dry cool place.