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Imelised Pili Pähklid

RAW & WILD activated Pili Nuts

Our Vision

Raw & Wild is passionate about healthy, balanced and meaningful

living. We aspire to raise awareness about the medicinal qualities

of food, share our knowledge and offer an alternative

way of eating and preparing foods.

Our Products

Here at Raw & Wild we offer one of the most nutritionally packed

and appetising nuts on the planet. We pre-sprout and dehydrate our

pili nuts to preserve all the vital enzymes, minerals and nutrients.

The activation process breaks down complex starch, neutralises

the phytic acid found in all nuts and seeds and ignites

the ‘life force’ of the nut.

Get to know the Pili Nut

Our pili fruits are hand harvested from

the Bicol region of the Philippines. Magical

pili trees grow here in volcanic soil

nourished by organic minerals and

abundant rainfall. The pili tree is known

as the ‘stress-loving tree’.

The strong and resilient pili tree,

growing on land hit by strong winds

and heavy rainfall bears more fruit after

every typhoon. These trees are truly

extreme by nature!

Much like a coconut the pili nut shells are left

to dry in the sun before being shelled.