Bird cherry pound cake with honey

You need:

250 g honey
50 g cane sugar (or any other sweetener)
120 ml milk (can be vegan milk as well)
190 g any flour
60 g wild bird cherry flour
50 g small bites of dark chocolate
1 egg
1 ts backing powder

Cake tin
Bake in oven at 180° С


1. Mix wild bird cherry flour with hot milk and let it stand aside for some time.

2. When the mixture is about 40°С, add honey, salt and sugar.

3. Add flour, backinf powder, chocolate bites and egg.

4. Pour the mixture to the buttered cake tin and bake in the oven at temp.180°C about 45-50 min.

5. Let the cake to cool in the cake mould and afterall wrap it in the paper. Eat next day, because the cake is more tasty next day!